mondo oowada is the prettiest girl you will ever meet. bye
(alternatively, it is written in myth that the bosom of mondo oowada can make angels weep)

isherton. ishi. ish. bootsman. uniform mceyebrows. doofus. dope.

ahh... ur style is rly unique i like it a lot !!

OMFG thank you!!!!! ive been developing it for a while. im still bad at drawing dynamic poses and anything other than busts but like. damn. idk im working on it thank you tho!!!

please ignore mondos eyebrows in the last one. i fucked up. i fucked up. ifuck e
ummm ok so mondo in girls clothes. you. cannot. stop me. (also some normal stuff for yall)

gay boys? gay boys.
like a year ago i made an art post of mondo and ishimaru kissing and said “dont rp on twitter itll end you”. i was right. i have been in tears for the past few days.
also: nature boy by nat king cole. expect more art related to that later

HERES an idea: lets beat up mondo oowada a lot
you cannot stop me from drawing blushing mondo, you cannot fucking stop me, i would like to see you TRY

all i ever draw is izurus during the operations, dead people, and ibuks

more shit. it never ends

if you thought i was done, you were WRONG
(and yes, all the hands in this suck major donkey testes)